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4/11/14 – All of these sweet kittens and cats were rescued by a 4 Paws 1 Heart friend we had helped before. There was a grandma, mom, and 4 kittens. 4 Paws paid for all to be vetted, spayed, vaccinated, tested, dewormed, and treated for fleas. We truly appreciate the fact that Dr. Wilson has opened Rescue Veterinary Services strictly for those of us who rescue or help with rescues. Alisha and the doctors and Vet Staff are all great to work with and they allow us to make your donations go farther. Just think — 6 felines who will not reproduce (or assist with the process) again! Thank You, Brian D. I know you are allergic, so this is not easy. We look forward to seeing your clan on our Petfinder page.briand_9:10:14 briand9:10:14 briandombrowski!9:9:14 briandombrowski*9:10:14 briandombrowski9:10:14

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