11/7/14 – dewey11:7:14Awwww! It was October, 2013 when Dewey, just a few weeks old, was found under a van terrified and starving. He had a small laceration and was only 2 lbs. After a number of weeks to recover, he was adopted by, obviously, a wonderful person. Thanks, Dewey’s Dad, for updating us and providing the great photos of our boy. ~ diana
Andrew and I are so grateful for our 2 little survivors and they are finally getting along much better! Thank you for saving these and so many little loves. They light up each and every day. I was once a “dog person”. A year ago this month, I fell in love with a picture & story of a kitten named Dewey and since then, I have been advocating for all the sweet, loving kitties who need homes! Please adopt everyone, give an abandoned kitty a warm home & some love this cold season. Everyday Dewey & Lyra remind me why it is a great idea! Thanks again, 4 paws 1 heart!

 — with Gina DeLuca.

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