Tobias – Getting Better

Tobias is standing!!!! He is doing so much better after his surgery! He’s happy and slowly getting better. One day at a time:) He will need cage rest for about 6 weeks and when his pelvic fractures heal he will need to be neutered. Thank you all because your positive thoughts and prayers definitely helped!! ♡Tobias11:25:14

Snickers – One Day in an Alley Almost Dead – Today Foster Brother

Snickers has been such a great foster brother. Who would have known??? Usually he is like a little, loving maniac. Love You, Snickman!! ~ Aunti Di
Snickers has plans with his homies on this Saturday night….hanging by the fireplace. See Gina DeLuca, Snickers learned his loviness from Angel…so maybe the bad came from you?? NO it was Dave David Jenio….yes that must be it!

Cricket (left) and Nikki (on the right) still looking for their forever home….how sweet are they??? How sweet is 4 Paws 1 Heart for getting them already for their new home…together. Serious cuteness! Contact me at [email protected] for more info.snickers,cricket, nikki snickers2:kittens11:22:14

Tobias – Needs Emergency Surgery

Tobias had to have Emergency Surgery tonight due to the severe trauma from being hit by a car. About 5 inches of dead intestine had to be removed because he was regurgitating and very uncomfortable despite pain management. Exploratory surgery was done and I can not thank Dr. Maria Rivera & Dr. David Balaj enough for literally saving this this dogs life!!! What occurred inside of Tobias was RARE, but without surgery tonight he probably would have eventually died…very soon. He also has 3 pelvic fractures that now will need time to heal with cage rest. If you would like to help towards the medical for this very sweet boy we would really appreciate it.. If you are looking for a wonderful dog email me. So far no one has proven ownership, and he is going to need a special home. This is yet another dog that was delivered to us for help and given a second chance. ♡♡♡ We estimate his age at about 1-2yrs old. I love him and he will make a wonderful companion to the right person. Ginatobias(1)11:22:14 Tobias11:22:14

Molly – Saved by the Driver Who Almost Hit Her

Hi Again!!! MOLLY here!!! Well, I had a few people interested in me, but a couple of them backed out. I am still looking for my forever home.. Things have just been really really busy:/ The plan is, if I don’t get a home in the next couple days, I’m probably going to go to a rescue group who will help find me a home. For right now, I’m at the hospital and and I’m getting tons of attention because I’m SO CUTE!!! However, I would like to make a decision soon. I understand this is a commitment… and I’ll be here for a little while longer….JUST IN CASE….the perfect mommy or daddy comes along by Thanksgiving Day.. ♡molly11:21:14

Tobias – Needs Your Prayers

These handsome eyes tell it all.tobias11:21:14 tobias(1)11:21:14 Tobias was sedated tonight for x rays. The arrows point to the 3 fractures in his Pelvis that should heal in time, BUT he is regurgitating and his bloodwork isn’t great. The staff at the hospital is doing literally everything possible, but he needs your positive energy and lots of prayers. His story is very similar to what our “Joy” went through, both of them hit by a car. As soon as one animal is healed another is brought to us in desperate need of help. We are equally committed to each one. I’m so lucky to give them love and each one is a piece of my ♡. Gina

Marlo – Kicked Out by His Owner – Now in a Loving Home

Marlo had a rough start. He was rescued by our favorite Warren Animal Control Officer and then went to a foster where he was ‘missing’ for days. He was scared to death and wasn’t eating. He’s been in and out of the vet’s a few times but Angela of Ferndale Cat Shelter and 4 Paws 1 Heart stayed by him. Today he is in a loving home. Thank you to all that made the difference to give this sweetheart a second chance. ~ diana
Every day I have more faith that Marlo is going to be just fine.  He has apparently discovered that ON the bed is better than UNDER it and even enjoyed a snuggle. Thank you again to 4 Paws 1 HeartLisa TaylorNicole Fear, and Lauren Henry for believing in this guy. It’s been a couple of months journey for him from abandoned alone in the house for 3 weeks when his owner died to this. Thank you to his new mom Gail – last name Marlow – so you know this was meant to be.

(5 photos)marlo11:20:14 marlo11:20:14 - 1

Tobias – Hit and Run – Update

tobias11:20:14tobias(1) 11:20:14Update on our stray dog that was hit by a car late last night. We are calling him “Tobias”. As of now, we have him on Morphine to control his pain. He is out of shock and tonight he was eating, but he is vomiting and having diarrhea:( A bunch of small bones were in his stomach, and his tummy has been very upset all day. He just seems so very sad:( Tomorrow he will get x-rays under sedation because he’ll hopefully be more stable. They suspect fractures in the pelvis and a damaged knee which will probably need surgery. The wounds are mostly on his right side. There is always a need for help and this boy needs more than prayers. He needs security, surgery, therapy, rest, and of course a safe life where he will never end up on the streets again!
This has been a very busy year for us, and without your support we could not help. If not for the “Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center”, these animals would not have gotten a 2nd chance. Every animal is very important to us regardless of their individual needs. Katiness Everdeen was our most recent case, and she is doing wonderful thanks to one of the best foster moms we could possibly ask for. We thank you all for your support and prayers for her, but this boy needs more then the mental healing….he can not walk…and he is broken.
We’ve had some serious cases recently like Joy, Lucy, Cleo, Sonic, Katiness, Rocky, and now we have Tobias. They all equally need the help.
If anyone would like to support in any way for Tobias, please email me at [email protected]
Thank you!! He needs all the help he can get! Gina