MOLLY – Almost Hit By A Car — Needs Her Forever Home

11/14/14 – molly-1-11:14:14 molly-2-11:14:14 molly11:14:14Hi Everyone! I’m ♡Molly♡ and tonight I was almost run over by a car, but this nice man stopped and picked me up and took me to a hospital. They warmed me up, gave me some yummy food, and I got a nice warm soapy bath! Then they put me in some really soft blankets.. I was taken in under the wing of 4 paws 1 heart and I tested negative for bad stuff like, feline leukemia and FIV. Now I will get my vaccines and be looking for a fur-ever home. ♡ PS.
Please say a prayer for the other kitty that is in the cage right next door to me. He is much older and all black, but he’s hurt. They think he was hit by a car and they are trying to help him too…but he’s really sick. We will tell you about him tomorrow once we know more. 

Smokey – His Sibling Died – Please Vaccinate Your Pets When They’re Young

11/13/14 – smokeynowwithferndalecatshelter11:13:14Meet Smokey. This is a kitty who was recently helped by Advanced Animal Emergency Hospital and 4 paws1 heart. Unfortunately, he lost his sibling due to the virus Panleukopenia. Please make sure you vaccinate your kittens to prevent against this fatal virus. He went to a rescue group after he checked out healthy. He is in a foster with Ferndale Cat Shelter. ~ Gina

Katniss – Settling in with her new foster mom

11/12/14 Katniss is doing so well with her foster mom. At first she was growling at animals smaller than her and now her best friend is a little dog who resides with her. Today, Katniss went to a nursing home where she wowed all of the residents. There was a circle of people in wheelchairs wanting to give her treats. I’m not sure who was helped more, Katniss or the residents. Katniss nows struts with her tail wagging and is just doing so well in such a short time that it is amazing. Her foster mommy tells us we have a Katniss surprise coming to us — can’t wait!! Of course we will be anxious to share it with our friends. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. ~ dianaKatnissat Carries11:12:14

How Many Cats Need to Be Left Behind ????

11/12/14 – I just don’t know what can be done to bring to justice all of the disgusting non-humans who continue to abandon their animals, most of the time cats, when they move. Companion animals are considered property under Michigan state law and therefore can be treated the same as an old tire on a trash pile. This very sweet 2 year old has been living in the garage of a foreclosed home. She was once an inside cat used to being in a warm house and not having to hunt for food. It is now getting below freezing and she has no where to go and cannot fend for herself. She is very friendly & affectionate. The kind neighbors have been feeding her but she desperately needs someone to love and longs for affection. 4 Paws 1 Heart will make sure she is vetted, vaccinated, and spayed (if needed). Please share and contact Jo at [email protected] if you can find this sweet girl a home.

11/13/ Update:  A foster home has been found ~ dianajoadd11:12:14


11/12/14 – Joy is doing wonderfully in her new home and she is healing as well as can be expected. She recently was spayed and she is recovering great! Dog’s her age who are not fixed (spayed) run the risk of Mammary Cancer and Pyometrititis (infection of the uterus). We want her to have the best life possible, so all veterinary preventatives and recommendations are being followed. Repeat radiographs of her Pelvis and rear legs were just taken to see how all the fractures are healing. Once we hear back from the Orthopedic Specialist we will let you all know more. When he gives the ok she will have surgery on her first knee.. ♡


11/7/14 – dewey11:7:14Awwww! It was October, 2013 when Dewey, just a few weeks old, was found under a van terrified and starving. He had a small laceration and was only 2 lbs. After a number of weeks to recover, he was adopted by, obviously, a wonderful person. Thanks, Dewey’s Dad, for updating us and providing the great photos of our boy. ~ diana
Andrew and I are so grateful for our 2 little survivors and they are finally getting along much better! Thank you for saving these and so many little loves. They light up each and every day. I was once a “dog person”. A year ago this month, I fell in love with a picture & story of a kitten named Dewey and since then, I have been advocating for all the sweet, loving kitties who need homes! Please adopt everyone, give an abandoned kitty a warm home & some love this cold season. Everyday Dewey & Lyra remind me why it is a great idea! Thanks again, 4 paws 1 heart!

 — with Gina DeLuca.