How Many Cats Need to Be Left Behind ????

11/12/14 – I just don’t know what can be done to bring to justice all of the disgusting non-humans who continue to abandon their animals, most of the time cats, when they move. Companion animals are considered property under Michigan state law and therefore can be treated the same as an old tire on a trash pile. This very sweet 2 year old has been living in the garage of a foreclosed home. She was once an inside cat used to being in a warm house and not having to hunt for food. It is now getting below freezing and she has no where to go and cannot fend for herself. She is very friendly & affectionate. The kind neighbors have been feeding her but she desperately needs someone to love and longs for affection. 4 Paws 1 Heart will make sure she is vetted, vaccinated, and spayed (if needed). Please share and contact Jo at [email protected] if you can find this sweet girl a home.

11/13/ Update:  A foster home has been found ~ dianajoadd11:12:14

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