Tobias – Hit and Run – Update

tobias11:20:14tobias(1) 11:20:14Update on our stray dog that was hit by a car late last night. We are calling him “Tobias”. As of now, we have him on Morphine to control his pain. He is out of shock and tonight he was eating, but he is vomiting and having diarrhea:( A bunch of small bones were in his stomach, and his tummy has been very upset all day. He just seems so very sad:( Tomorrow he will get x-rays under sedation because he’ll hopefully be more stable. They suspect fractures in the pelvis and a damaged knee which will probably need surgery. The wounds are mostly on his right side. There is always a need for help and this boy needs more than prayers. He needs security, surgery, therapy, rest, and of course a safe life where he will never end up on the streets again!
This has been a very busy year for us, and without your support we could not help. If not for the “Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center”, these animals would not have gotten a 2nd chance. Every animal is very important to us regardless of their individual needs. Katiness Everdeen was our most recent case, and she is doing wonderful thanks to one of the best foster moms we could possibly ask for. We thank you all for your support and prayers for her, but this boy needs more then the mental healing….he can not walk…and he is broken.
We’ve had some serious cases recently like Joy, Lucy, Cleo, Sonic, Katiness, Rocky, and now we have Tobias. They all equally need the help.
If anyone would like to support in any way for Tobias, please email me at [email protected]
Thank you!! He needs all the help he can get! Gina

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