Tobias – Needs Emergency Surgery

Tobias had to have Emergency Surgery tonight due to the severe trauma from being hit by a car. About 5 inches of dead intestine had to be removed because he was regurgitating and very uncomfortable despite pain management. Exploratory surgery was done and I can not thank Dr. Maria Rivera & Dr. David Balaj enough for literally saving this this dogs life!!! What occurred inside of Tobias was RARE, but without surgery tonight he probably would have eventually died…very soon. He also has 3 pelvic fractures that now will need time to heal with cage rest. If you would like to help towards the medical for this very sweet boy we would really appreciate it.. If you are looking for a wonderful dog email me. So far no one has proven ownership, and he is going to need a special home. This is yet another dog that was delivered to us for help and given a second chance. ♡♡♡ We estimate his age at about 1-2yrs old. I love him and he will make a wonderful companion to the right person. Ginatobias(1)11:22:14 Tobias11:22:14

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