Courtney – Healing and Loving


1/31/15 – Although Courtney will not be there, a fundraiser hosted by Walmart will be happening from 1:00 to 7:00 today at the WalMart at 12 Mile and Gratiot in Roseville. Please stop by and give your support to A Hopeful Heart Rescue. All dollars donated will be matched by WalMart.


Two weeks ago(tomorrow) we sat in this waiting room worrying and anxious. Courtney was taken right back and we sat waiting for some answers. When Advanced Animal Emergency had Courtney set up and we were allowed to see her the reassurance from the wonderful and caring staff set our minds at ease. Today we are back to have her stitches removed. I didn’t cry at the first time we were here but this time I can seem to help it. When we left the last time two people had to carry her out to the car. This time Courtney happily jumped out of the car and ran inside. She has come so far and had so much support. She has brought people into our lives we would have never met. She is happy and healthy and doesn’t hold a grudge against humans for what they did to her.


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6 thoughts on “Courtney – Healing and Loving

  1. I wish to God I lived in MI again, I’d adopt her, she’d be a good friend for my Hartley. She’s a beautiful girl & deserves a good life.

  2. you please tell me where Courtney is. I have her on by pinterest website under adoptions. Has she been adopted or is she still waiting on her loving, forever home

  3. So glad Courtney is doing so much better. Wish I could take her but my dog does not get along well with others. However I will share her story.

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