We Named Her Courtney – She Chewed Off Her Paw in an Attempt to Get Free

1/19/15 – Dear Friends, we need your financial support. Yesterday A Hopeful Heart and 4 Paws 1 Heart were contacted by someone who had seen a dog tied up behind a store with a paw missing. To make a long story short (at this time), the dog had a harness on and was tied to an object. 4 Paws 1 Heart agreed to pay for the dog to be seen at an emergency hospital and the rescue agreed to take on responsibility for the dog. As it turns out, this very sweet female had chewed her paw off in an attempt to break away and because she had been tied up for days without food, she actually ate her paw. I know this is even graphic without the photos, but we could not turn our backs to this poor sweet pittie mix. Her leg had to be amputated because of infection and her digestive system needed to be cleared because of the number of bones from eating her paw. I will provide her photo later. At this time, the police are supposed to be investigating this and I’m trying to give them time before sharing too much. The total bill thus far is $1,100 and I’m sure there will be additional needs to get her through this. I will update our friends a little later and provide photos. Whatever our friends can do will be appreciated. ~ diana
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