Addressing the Horror of Hoarding

3/1/15 – We, as a community, need to gather our resources to figure out how to stop people from hoarding. We need to get involved. We need to let people know that they can get help to spay and neuter and vaccinate so that the problem does not become overwhelming but how can we communicate with people who may be too mentally fragile to understand. Our mental health system is broken, many of our local governments would rather ignore the issue and leave the mess to others, and, in the end, the only ones to suffer are the poor innocent animals. As we’ve asked before, please be the voice for the voiceless. ~ diana

Here is Melanie’s recent post and photo.

“This is Storm… She also came from another cat hoarder in Warren. She still hoards…and everyone knows about it. Her eye is much better now.”10481969_915014071864225_3443004247549179840_n

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