Animal Abuse Affects Everyone – Hoarder Home, Warren, Michigan

It is nothing less than amazing as to what Melanie Wittner will do to save an animal. Her message is very, very important. The only thing I would like to add is if you are aware of animal abuse or a hoarding situation and contact the authorities and they seem to do nothing, keep trying — don’t let it continue because people who are supposed to do their job don’t! Contact the media if necessary as was done in this case so that whoever needs to wake up will. We must be the voice for these sweet innocents. My heart breaks thinking how many lives have been tortured or lost. ~ diana

I have been getting a lot of phone calls for the last few days about the cat situation in Warren. There are a lot of sick kitties from the home. The ones thatwere healthy enough are up for adoption through other rescue groups (Futures 4 Feline at 23 mild and Gratiot and Fortunate Felines at 9 mile and Gratiot). I was willing to keep the sick kitties and make sure that they can make it to the vet and have every chance at recovery. Sadly, we did loose the oldest and sickest kitty within 24 hours of bringing him home. We are not giving up on them, we believe they deserve a life of fresh food, water, and love in a clean environment. We are very blessed to have the support of 4 Paws 1 Heart, not only financially but emotionally… there have been many phone calls to Diana to discuss the kitties, tears, and anger thank god for sympatric friends! We are also very blessed to work closely with animal control officers so we can all make sure the right thing is being done. Our world is a place where amazing humans live, we can not loose sight of that. Humans are the ones who can speak up, save, provide warmth to these creatures that we are blessed with. Please remember you are their voice, weather it be a dog left out in the cold, animal abuse, a hoarding situation, or just someone needing help PLEASE SPEAK UP! I would rather be wrong then let an animal suffer. Thank you all for your continued support I will post pictures soon.

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