Sharing A Mission One Rescue at a Time – Snik with Devoted Friends

3/3/15 – The strength of our mission is working with individual rescuers, compassionate veterinarians, and rescue organizations. We received a request for help for this very sweet boy who was given up by his owner. Snik is about 7 years old and the prior owner had him for 5 years. Snik lived outside in a dog pen with 2 other large dogs for 5 years. The other dogs have since passed away and poor Snik continued to live outside without any buddies to help keep him warm. The prior owner stated he had no time for the dog! Our good friends at Devoted Friends Rescue took Snik to the vet and it was determined that poor Snik had a broken leg that had never been addressed; he more than likely lived in pain for over 5 years. Two bones had already fused together and to try and repair the damage would be risky and mean more pain and potential healing time. Consequently, Snik will have his leg amputated. Not only does Snik have the leg issue, but he is not neutered, has bad teeth and gums and is full of worms. BUT, although this boy has been through so much, he is very sweet and deserves a second chance of living pain free and in a forever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart is blessed to have the support we have had and thankful that we can help in the recovery of Snik. Follow Snik’s story on the Devoted Friends Facebook page. ~ diana


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2 thoughts on “Sharing A Mission One Rescue at a Time – Snik with Devoted Friends

  1. I recently lost my orange tabby, Max who I had for 15 years.

    If you ever get one or two,orange tabby kittens (or very young) who need a loving home , and are available for,adoption, please contact me.

    Thank you,

    Evelyn c. Zarycki
    Howell. Mi

    • Evelyn, I know this is very late but I’m so sorry for the loss of your Max. I hope by now you were able to fill a little bit of the hole in your heart with a new baby. Max’s legacy will live on in your new adoptee.~ diana

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