Shorty Recovers and is Welcomed by Dog Aide

3/18/15 – Shorty Update!   First of all, “I Love Shorty”!!! 
I am VERY happy to report that Shorty (Yorkie/Pit Bull Mix), is on the road to recovery! Tonight we picked him up some ground sirloin & rice which he loved! He is full grown and 11 pounds. We don’t expect him to get any bigger other than the need to gain couple pounds on his skinny little body. One of our favorite rescue groups, Dog AideShorty going to dog aide3:20:15, has offered to take Shorty:) Thank you all for the prayers, we expect him to make a full recovery. I’m cooking some more ground hamburger to deliver tomorrow! ♡ 

On another note—I know it’s CRAZY and Shorty looks NOTHING like a Yorkie, BUT we know for a fact his mom was a Yorkie and daddy a Pitty. He is full grown and 11#. PLEASE DO NOT GET ANY IDEAS TO BREED! SPAY/NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS! The mom is lucky to be alive and so is Shorty! This could have been a disaster! He is getting over Parvo Virus and once we are done getting him healthy he will be with Dog Aid. Here is their message…

“Hi everyone! Little Shorty (who we are going to call Odin) will be coming to Dog Aide Community Awareness Program in the next few days once 4 Paws tells us he is stable. If you are interested in fostering him or adopting him, please visit our page through the link above or send us an email at Thanks!”

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