Chance – Uses His Litter Box for the First Time

4/9/15 – Can someone say ‘miracle’. Please keep our little Chance in your prayers and positive energy. Thanks again to Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets for your wisdom and expertise. Here is a report from Foster Mama Dee ~ diana

Omg! Guess what???? I used the litterbox last night!!!!! Yes my foster mom helped me get my back half in, and yes she helped me steady myself, but Im the one who hurled my top half over the side of the box to let her know I wanted to try and use the box and Im the one who did my buisness in the box! Annnnnd….Im kicking my back legs in reaction to getting my tummy tickled!!!! Im working really hard at my excercises and my foster mom says there is definitely marked improvement in my back legs and Im swinging my tail. Tomorrow I have another appt with Dr. Kern, I cant wait to show her what I can do!!!! Happy Thursday everybody! And please remember to continue to donate and support 4 Paws 1 Heart so kitties and dogs like me can continue getting the medical help we need  Love & purrs, Chance”chance4:9:15

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