April – Good Momma to Her Babies

5/11/15 These are the babies born May 5 to April. Here they are on May 7, 2015. ~ diana

“A peek at them at 48 hours old. In honor of the day they were born…we are naming them Hispanic names! Except for one…and I’ll get to that. The one to the far right, the brown tiger is named CHICO (I actually know a Chico so it’s funny) the light one, the blonde one (2nd to the left) will be name Annie…after my friend Anne Sadowski…and little Annie is living up to her namesake….see in photo # 2 see how Annie is pushing her litter mate out of the way of the bar (boobie bar in this case but yet a bar) – Anne to a Tee. So need 2 more names or really 4 because we don’t know the sex of them yet….suggestions? ~ Dee”

aprilandbabies5:10:15 april&babies5:10:15

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