April and Her Babies

5/10/15 – Happy Mother’s Day to one of our most recent rescues, April. Shortly after being trapped and taken in by our Board member, Dee, and her husband, Rick, April gave birth to 4 babies. There is one more pregnant female we are hoping to trap. Of course 4 Paws 1 Heart will be paying for all medical needs. ~ diana

“April, the feral, had her Cinco de Mayo babies – O’la. She had 4 babies (unfortunately not 1 like I wished for) on Tuesday. This photo was taken a little over 24 hours of their birth. No matter how cute they are…and they are adorable (and fat!)…this was preventable if April would have been TNR-ed….remember- Prevention is the best medicine….so is vodka, but that is just for humans. So the moral of the story is – if you feed feral cats…NEUTER THEM…and fix the problem before it IS a problem. ~ Dee”


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