Molly and McGee –

5/11/15 – Update on Molly and McGee. Only God and these poor animals know what they have been put through by those who were put on this earth to protect them. Molly’s condition continues to be guarded; she will not eat on her own but foster mom, Pat, and foster, sister, Bree, have her on a 4-hour feeding schedule with special foods prescribed by the doctor. The good news is that she finally urinated and had a bowel movement which is HUGE! McGee, is doing well considering his emaciated condition when he was rescued. The two have to be separated in that neither are fixed and neither is healthy enough to be spayed/neutered. They love to be near each other, so you will often see McGee on top of Molly’s crate, sleeping. We are always thankful that because of our donors we are able to take care of the medical needs for these abused babies. ~ dianamolly mcgee

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