Chance – In Therapy, Meets a Donkey

5/9/15 – Check out the mighty hunter as he corners his prey, the dreaded blue mousey while balancing himself on a giant yellow peanut! Aw, you guys know its really me, right? I had such a good day at my appt with Dr. Kern today! She was so impressed with my awesome progress. You can check out my video mom posted earlier today, Im a rock star!!!!! And I even ran into a donkey at Dr. Kerns office, seriously! Miss Daisey was there cuz she hurt her hoof, isnt she cute? Im sure pooped out from all my hard work today, so Im gonna chill out and watch a movie on my tv. Mom! Fluff my blankies and pop in a movie for me pleeeeease! Nite everybody! Love & purrs, Chancechanceintherapy5:9:15 chancegettingaccupunctureandand coldlaser Chancemeetsdonkey5:9:15

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