Community Cats

4/21/15 – The untimely death of baby Stanley as a result of ingesting rat poison once again prompts me to vilify those communities that do not allow cat communities, trap, neuter, return programs, or free-roaming cats. Rather than utilize poisons to rid ourselves of nuisance animals why not let nature take its place. First, if you have rats, make sure your property and the properties around you are free of garbage, dog feces, etc. If you have a neighbor who won’t comply with local ordinances, report them as many times as necessary and demand action. And, second, STOP killing free-roaming, feral cats. In Macomb County, MI, the cities of Eastpointe, Sterling Heights, and Roseville continue to remove cats and take them to the for-profit veterinary, Animal Care Hospital of Sterling Heights, where they will be killed rather than contract with the Macomb County Animal Control Shelter which practices trap, shelter, and return for all felines brought into the shelter. And, these are not the only cities who are still following these barbarian practices. Find out what your community is doing and let’s stop the practice of using poisons in our environment because it’s easy and let’s promote life. ~ diana

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