Harsen’s Rescuer Speaks Out

5/15/15 – As most of us know who follow and use Facebook, many postings do not reach everyone and often individual posts get lost in the thread. In our posting about Harsen, our sweet baby, caught in a leg trap and who has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I saw a posting by his rescuer, ‘the construction worker’. I wanted to share this posting so that most of our friends could see it. For every minute that I, at times say I hate humans, there are 60 minutes when I say, ‘Thank God for Humans” Thank You, Jeffrey. You are the person that all should emulate. ~ diana

“Jeffrey Syrocki
I’m the construction worker mentioned, it breaks my heart that Harsens didn’t make it through, but theirs joy in my heart to know he is not suffering any more. This post brought me to tears!!! As I look at the cat that we rescued 2 winters ago playing and happy, waiting for me to come home and rubbing up on me and meowing. Warms my heart to see her play and be healthy. So sorry Harsens didn’t make it but maybe the next can with great people like everyone mentioned working together to help these animals. Thank God for good people who take time from their busy lives to help out!!! Thank you all and God Bless Harsens and welcome him into your arms smile emoticon God bless all the people who try and often succeed. Thank you for giving us the strength to make a difference for these dear sweet animals !!!!!”Harsen-caughtin leg trap 5:14:15

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