Molly & McGee Update – Caged For Weeks in a High Kill Shelter

5/14/15 – A Molly and McGee Update from foster Mom, Patricia. Please continue to pray for these babies. They spent 13 days in a kill room at the Humane Society of Macomb. My heart swells to see them free and fighting to live. ~ diana

“Molly and Mcgee…….it’s playtime!! We took some time out to play today and Mcgee’s favorite is a soft ball thingy with feathers on it. And Molly still has that hunter instinct in her, she caught herself a mouse! Mcgee is doing good on putting on weight, right now he has added well over one pound but Molly seems to just be holding her own. I have now put her on a 3 hour feeding schedule to help. Keep up the prayers for Molly, no where out of the woods until I see some weight gain. I will say this….Molly is feisty, stubborn and down right defiant and has attitude! But I say that is a good thing! ~ Jennell”molly5:14:15 mcgee5:13:15

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