Ginger, Mack, and Rollo – Victims of Heart Worm

6/24/15 – Your dog is at risk for this disease and if you want to prevent it educate yourself by reading through this link that I am posting. Please do not think that this can not happen to you. My very own dog tested positive for this…

We are currently treating these 3 dogs for Heartworm Disease. Their names are Rollo, GinMack6:24:15ginger6:24:15Rollo6:24:15ger, and Mack. This is no Joke and it is around $700-$1,500 to treat…all due to a MOSQUITO. 4 paws 1 heart is currently treating these animals, and the doctor in the picture is Dr. Graves. She has generously donated the drug needed to provide treatment for all 3 dogs. We are extremely grateful to her for helping us give these dog’s a chance. Most people confuse Heartworm disease with worms in the feces (poop). The worms dogs get in their feces (poop), are totally different than the worms we are talking about here. These worms (Heartworm) reside in your dog’s heart causing damage and possible death. PLEASE take this serious, read up on this, and use the preventatives recommended by your veterinarian. It could save your dog’s life….. Gina


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