Sherlock – Walked Through a Doggie Door and Found His Forever Family

6/27/15 – I was contacted by Joani and Patterson Veterinary about this little guy who somehow found his way into the doggie door of Joani’s home. His ear was tipped and he was neutered. It turns out that Sherlock was one of the cats taken in by the Macomb County Animal Control SNR (shelter, neuter, return) program. Sherlock obviously had a home at one time because he is very sweet and enjoys being in the house. Thankfully he has wormed his way into the hearts of the grandchildren and the fur children and will have a forever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart is once again very thankful that we can provide the medical care that will open sherlock6:27:15the doors for a forever home. I love his stance. ~ diana

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