Annie – After a Few Years Living on the Streets, She is at Last Rescued

6/21/15 – Happy Father’s Day Update from rescuer and foster mom, Diana Elizabeth. Annie was found roaming the streets of Hamtramck, MI. The doctor thinks she was out on the streets for a while but because she knows a few commands and has a sweet disposition, it is believed that she was somebody’s pet at one time.

“My little orphan Annie, well “rescued”, continues to blossom and heal from both physical and emotional trauma. She’s become more trusting and playful, bouncing around the yard and learning to chase and play fetch.
Her scars are healing, hair growing out and she’s healing nicely from her recent Spay despite some issues with the Vet. She has gained weight and filled out nicely and loves being brushed! I still have to do proper introductions with my other dogs especially my female Buttnugget aka Ellie, but not until Annie is 100% healed.
Other than that, she has a while before she’s ready for adoption. She needs a lot of work with training, leash walking and other commands but she knows “sit” and “give me paw”! LOL
Annie is a sweet and beautiful dog, calm, laid back and just wants to love on you. And I want her to know and feel what it’s like to be loved, appreciated and wanted.
Thank you again 4 Paws 1 Heart for all of your support and help!”


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