Rudy – Found Walking Across a Busy Street

6/21/15 – More Happy Father’s Day Updates! We received the following call out for help from Jen G on June 1, 2015:

“My sister found a kitten yesterday walking across a busy road. The poor thing was filthy, covered in mud and freezing in the rain. She brought her to me and I gave her a bath and some wet food but I need to get her to a vet. Her anus is very red and protruding and I think she has worms (I don’t know if it’s a male or female). She went to the bathroom today but she seems to really be straining. I will foster her and I want to adopt her but I have two other rescue cats at home and I need to make sure she’s ok. Can you please help me? She purred the entire time I held her yesterday and wouldn’t let me put her down for 5 hours. She’s very affectionate and didn’t bite or scratch so I know she will make a wonderful pet. PLEASE help me ~ Jen”.

Well here is Rudy now and when he was first rescued. BTW, he is the love of the family. ~ diana


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