Baseball 8 – RIP Sweet Baby

6/13/15 – Sad news from our good friend, Tami, in regards to the 8 babies she took in a few nights ago. If you will remember, 8 1-2 day old kittens were left in the back of a pick up truck at a softball game. With the phenomenal team work of the truck owner and his friend, Patricia Brown and Tami who stepped up to take everyone in (and 4 Paws 1 Heart who paid for the umbilical cords to be removed), the babies were on their way to a good life. Unfortunately, last night one of the babies, who had been struggling, was taken to our wonderful friends at the Advanced Animal Emergency. After speaking with Dr. Lutz, it was decided to humanely euthanize. Here is Tami’s report. RIP sweet baby. ~ diana

“We lost a baby tonight:(
The runt of the litter had been tough to feed every feeding, but she had seemed to perk up this morning. RIP little girl, you tried as hard as you could. Please pray this is not a virus or nasty parasite. Four days old without momma isn’t an easy road. Thank you. ~ Foster Mom, Tami”

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