Chance, the Journalist

5/28/15 – Our little miracle guy is becoming quite the journalist. Love him~Aunti Di

chance5:28:15“Chance here reporting from the Chance Inn! Lol. Thats what Auntie Diana Rascano┬ácalls our house cuz shes smart and knows I am in charge around here. What mom? No, no. I said you run things like a sarge around here! Please mom, Im trying to do my report…geez. Ok, so things been busy around here. We had 4 babies just long enough to give them a meal then they went to foster. Then last night we got the Pool Deck babies. There are 4 of them and there soooo cute, but real scared. Theyre about 5wks old and are staying in the other cat tower by me so I can keep an eye on them and reassure them they are safe. And the 3 itty bittys are still itty bitty. And they still sleep in the nursery right next to mom on her bed. They are preemies and require a lot of moms attention. Of course Im still numero uno! Top guy on the totem pole and moms best helper! What Oliver?!?!? What???? Ok, ok, best helper right after Oliver. Sheesh! Everybody’s soooo sensitive around here!!!! Ok, coming mom!!!! Gotta go do my exercises now with mom cuz tomorrow I go see my main squeeze, Dr. Kern atPawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets. What mom? Huh? Oops I almost forgot. Mom wants me to remind everybody with kitten season in full swing and animals like me still needing our care and medical bills paid 4 Paws 1 Heart could sure use a helping paw! Any and all donations are really needed and most appreciated. The link is the need is great right now! Thankyou and meow for now! Love Chance ( best reporter ever!) Haha, take that Oliver!” Chance

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