ODIN – Hit By A Car and Temporarily Paralyzed

5/19/15 The Board of 4 Paws 1 Heart would like to welcome Dr. Pamela Graves to the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center as our new emergency doctor. She will be a wonderful addition to the AUCCC staff and the community. She and Dr. Maria provide emergency care to animals in the surrounding cities in Macomb and Wayne counties. Dr. Graves has already assisted in helping with more than a handful of our 4 Paws 1 Heart animals and I think she will be a wonderful asset to our organization. I feel that we are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Balaj, Dr. Maria, Dr. Pillsbury, and now Dr Graves involved in our cases because they are all highly skilled and compassionate doctors. Here is Odin with Dr. Graves and with his new harness that Dr Graves bought for him. Odin came to us unable to walk due to trauma to his spine. He has received some physical therapy, laser therapy, and acupuncture. Now he can walk, run, jump, and play. He is still in need of a permanent home and he is just the most lovable dog! Odin gets along with other dogs and he gets along with my cat. He loves to give kisses and absolutely loves to snuggle. If you would like more information about him please email me. at gina.4paws1heart@gmail.com

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