SKY – Almost Killed By Two Large Dogs – Now Enjoying Life.

5/21/15 – skye5:21:15Do you remember Sky the puppy who was found in horrible condition and nearly killed by 2 owned large breed dogs? A very kind woman took a huge risk after witnessing this abuse, and we stepped in to help. Sky came to us with a horrible skin condition, hernia, infection, much needed medical care, and all the normal stuff puppies require. Earily on, we found a wonderful foster family to take her in while we provide the medical care she needed. They have been outstanding when it comes to following through with all of her extensive medical needs. The foster family has fallen in love and they are officially foster failures. ♡ They would like to make Sky aka now Zoey, a permanent member of their home and we definitely approve!! Here she is now cute as ever! Gina

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