2 thoughts on “The Cats of Summer 2015

  1. I met someone that is affiliated with you. She asked me to contact you. I’m looking for a siemes “kitten”. I would prefer a Lilac. I know you don’t have a choice as to what you rescue, I just though you might know of a breeder in our area. I do prefer a kitten. I have done a lot of the humane society’s full grown cats, but at this time in my life I really want a kitten.

    Thank you for listening and I’m hoping you can help.
    Nedene Dutka. 586 286 5506 (home). 586 850 0454 (cell)

    • I’m sorry Nedene for this far too late response but I didn’t realize messages weren’t coming through my e-mail. Just for the record, we do not work with breeders. Thank you for all that you’ve done with the Humane Society.

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