The Woodpile Babies – Muffie, Lizzie, Fiona, and Abby, Lindsey, and Allie

6/26/15 – The Cats of Early Summer Part III – And here are babies rescued by Patricia Brown. You might recall that these babies were saved over a period of a week. Jo A. and others kept going back to the ‘woodpile’ to trap more babies. Please share and anyone interested should contact Patricia at. [email protected] ~ diana

“Just got my Woodpile babies back from their second set of vaccinations. All are doing great, healthy and all weighing in between 2.1 lbs and 2.7 lbs.
Muffie being the biggest of course at 2.7, Lizzie 2.3, Fiona 2.1,
Abby 2.4, Lindsey 2.4 and Allie 2.4. Muffie will be ready soon to be spayed and will be looking for her forever home! ~ Patricia Brown”

woodpile babies6:26:15

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