Chance – His Back Legs are Paralyzed

7/3/15 – Good Morning Team Chance!!!! Sorry we have not been posting to much, moms computer crashed and she kinds got it working but its very iffy right now. But while its working I gotta tell you about my latest trick I pulled on mom & Aunt Shelly! So…I didnt go see Dr. Kern yesterday becuse Im having a bit of pee issues that will be addressed at the regular vet on Monday, but I still want to be out of my tower and have some fun! So yesterday I decided to have some fun with mom! Shes been giving me a lot of time out of my tower, like most of the day cus Im pretty good at not getting myself into too much trouble. So when she was cleaning my tower and the fosters tower yesterday I decided a good game of hide and seek was in order! Mom and Aunt Shelly was looking ALL OVER the place for me, it was sooooo funny! CHANCE! CHANCE! Where are you?????? Bahahaha!!!! I went upstairs all by myself!!!! But when I heard their voice get that panicky sound, I came lickety split back down the stairs…..all by myself!!!!! That was sooooooo funny, right mom? Right mom???? Mom?!?!?!? Oh well, guess you had to be there. Have a great holiday weekend everybody, be safe! Meow for now, Love Chancechance7:3:15

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