RIP – Sorry We Couldn’t Do Any More

7/5/15 – A call I received last night. We had hoped we could save this sweet cat but it was too late. People who think a domesticated cat can fend for themselves on the street are very wrong. They are not feral and do not have instincts needed to survive in this ‘jungle’. The cruelty of the human being can be overwhelming to understand.

“To the crazy, cruel, heartless, idiot corner lady: just want you to know that your cat, you know, the one you threw out along with the other 3 becuse you got a dog? The one I got spayed for you along with the other 3 when you left them out to fend for themselves 3 yrs ago??? Yeah, that cat. Well tonight while our pets were home alone terrified of the fireworks while we were at the emergency vet with your cat becuse the neighbors found it laying in the dirt in their yard with water dripping from a hose on its head gasping for air with fireworks going off all around her. They sent their kid over to our house instead of yours to ask for help becuse they knew we cared, unlike you. We held her paws & whispered in her ear how sorry we were that you let her become totally emaciated and that her lungs were so full of fluid they were only operating at 25%. We told her how sorry we were that she was too sick to be saved and gave her kjsses while the dr put her to sleep. Her vet bill was paid by 4 Paws 1 Heart by money donated by people who cared more about your cat then you did. RIP Beautiful girl ~ Dee”RIP=denisnajera7:4:15

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