Dottie – A Survivor of the Baseball Eight

6/29/15 – Update on one of two little survivors of the Baseball Eight. Meet Dottie! Here is a report from her foster mom. ~ diana

“Warning! Cuteness overload 🐾
Dottie is doing well. Still some loose stools, but Aunt Gina DeLuca hooked us up yesterday with some medicine and that’s already improving. I eat like a piggie and I am starting to see better. Word on the street is that I’m going to get to live with my brother Miggy soon. His mommy Paula Alfonsi talked with my mommy and they think we will be happier together. I just have to get my butt under control.
Please keep praying for us. We are doing well but still not as strong as others our age. We will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. Thank you Aunt Diana Rascano for being our sugar mama.
Meow 🐾 Mama Tami”

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