Hannah – Dumped in a Rural Area

7/1/15 – It is July 1 and already we have probably taken care of well over 300 kittens (no time to count) and cats since the beginning of the year. For some reason, people think it’s ok to drop animals off at farms or large pieces of property thinking everyone will live happily ever after. Well as many of us know that is not the case. Life on the farm is tough and domesticated cats should never be thrown into an environment of feral cats. Dogs who are dumped don’t automatically find that fairy tale home when they’ve been dumped on a large piece of property in the ‘north’ country. Meet Hannah. She is a 4 week old kitten dumped with two other siblings (that we know of). Her siblings haven’t been caught yet, but Hannah was and she will be taken to the vet for an upper respiratory infection, fleas and worms. ~ dianahannahw:joaddingtong6:30:15

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