Katniss the Kitten – May You Rest In Peace

8/12/15 – Some sad news this morning from our friend Missy, who rescued little Katniss, the kitten, after she allegedly fell from a roof and was hit by a car. RIP Sweet Baby, at least you knew love and not cruelty in the end. ~ diana

“Now that I have spoken to Diana and Sandra I am going to update on sweet little katniss. I cannot be certain if was trauma related or not. A few nights ago katniss started to open her mouth like she was having trouble breathing or panting. Within minutes she was seizing and stopped breathing. I was warned she had potential neurological damage and may not make it or may need put down. She was so very sweet and would watch us from across the room. While I am happy to have gotten to meet her and love her and show her that people do love her I am very upset that she did not make it to go to that forever home and see what a real family is like. RIP katniss I am sure you are running and jumping and enjoying being able to run, jump, and play. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget the way she would watch me when I talked to her, or push herself up to see me, and push up to be right under my chin every time she slept with me. She was so sweet even after whatever it was happened to her.” MissyKatniss the Kitten8:121:5

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