Raven – Living Under a Rotted Porch – Another Kitten Saved

We recently posted about this stray cat living under the porch of an abandoned home. She needed help and we were contacted. Thank you all for sharing and networking, so that we could get this beautiful girl off of the streets quickly. Tonight she had emergency surgery to repair the hole that was in her abdominal wall. It was causing her intestines to slip through. She was also in an early pregnancy with a huge cyst on her ovaries. The pregnancy was causing complications and lots of pain. The best option for her safety and her recovery, was to spay her and fix the hole in her abdominal. Again, a huge thank you to Dr. Graves at the Animal Urgent Care. She got this girl the surgery she desperately needed and we will cover all of the medical costs. Ginakittenlivingunderporch7:17:15

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