Onyx – Looking for Her Forever Home

7/17/15 – onyx7:17:15Onyx Update, It took 5 days of hospitalization and I am finally happy to report that Onyx is on the road to recovery. Although we don’t know what exactly caused her illness we do know that she had severe pancreatitis, she was losing her proteins, and it is questionable whether or not she had parvo. It took a plasma transfusion, several medications, IV fluids, and lots of intensive care to get her to this point. Her spirits are much better and she is eating well. We have her on oral medication and lots of love. We have covered all of her medical costs and we will be looking for the perfect home to continue her journey. Private message me if you would like more information. Gina

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2 thoughts on “Onyx – Looking for Her Forever Home

  1. Looking for a small dog to share my new house with , you can call or text me or gmail, hope to hear from you would like to give onyx a good home

    • John, I hope that by now you were able to find your forever friend. I’m sorry that I was unaware of your message. ~ diana

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