Somerset – Gained One Half Pound (Update)

8/19/15 – Update on “Somsomerset8:19:15erset”. She is 1.5 pounds today! She is a fighter and your prayers are helping. Please don’t stop because we have a long road ahead. There are now these raised blisters on the inside and outside of her leg where we think it was pinched. She isn’t as uncomfortable today, but she has her moments. I’m handling her extremely delicately. Her elbow is still very swollen, but she was putting some weight on it earlier . We cannot attempt to put the elbow back in the socket because of the blisters surrounding her leg, so all we can do is take one day at a time. I don’t know what to expect moving forward, and we’ll rely on the advice from the veterinarians. I’ll keep updates going on this precious baby. Again, if your interested in helping with her recovery you can donate at this link and specify her name.. or just keep the prayers coming. Thank you. Gina

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