Ruby Slippers – Celebrating The Lives We Saved

11891158_1002225189809779_7793292957780860899_n8/19/15 – Anniversary Week – Celebrating the lives of those we saved. ~~ This is Ruby Slippers. It was July, 2011 when Gina received a call from a concerned building owner who had been feeding a dog next door to him whose owner had died. The owner had died weeks before and the man’s children left the dog behind, locked in a ‘kennel’ with no food or water, in the heat of summer. With a little ingenuity, the dog was rescued and medically treated at the emergency. Many of her teeth were ground to nubs from trying to get out of her ‘cage’. She was emaciated and her spirit was broken. After posting her story, a wonderful couple offered to adopt her and take her home to be loved for the rest of her life. The couple kept us updated and Ruby Slippers was much loved and almost seemed to smile when she was with her big fur buddy. Unfortunately, Ruby passed away this past year. But she passed over the rainbow bridge knowing love and protection. RIP Sweet Ruby. ~ diana

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