August 2015 – Medical Babies

9/11/15 – This past August, 4 Paws 1 Heart paid medical bills for 78 cats/kittens, with just ONE veterinary! And you wonder why I can’t keep up. Think about it — 78 cats/kittens will never procreate again. Although I have their names, let’s assume 39 were female who could start having babies at about 5 months old. Knowing that one female can have 3 litters a year with an average of 4 kittens a litter and a lifespan of 3 years on the street — a minimum of 1,404 animals were kept from being born by these 39 females. If nothing was done, those females would have been responsible for another 1,404 cats being born and and those cats would have gone on to have their own babies and continue the vicious cycle. Here are some of the babies we’ve helped with your donations. ~ diana12002075_1012734205425544_6716316030367552111_n12003972_1012733338758964_5009098402270334096_n 11987178_1012733188758979_6617312487576669959_n11249767_1012733972092234_3002873980973775036_n 10428543_1012733065425658_3197445510595072905_n12006101_1012734282092203_470735772345358143_n12002920_1012734325425532_3908764586404479479_n

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