Billy (Romeo) – Foster Brother Chance Gives an Update

10/19/15 – billy10:19:15::Good morning Team Chance! Soooo, this is my new foster brother Billy. His story is soooo sad. 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted by a kind apartment manager about a kitty left behind when its owner died. Well, left behind is putting it mildly. Nobody knew Billys elderly mom died for 10 days! And nobody discovered there was a cat in there for another 2wks after that!!!!! So for 3 1/2wks poor Billy went with no food or water and had gotten himself stuck in a hole behind a cupboard. Mom & Auntie Debra Berolatti tried for 2 days to catch Billy. On the 2nd day, yesterday, mom and Auntie Debra went with saws, tools and supplies. If Billy was alive in there, they were not leaving without him. After much cutting with both hand & electric saws and a very nice man named Bill helping, Billy was rescued from the hole and was named after the man that helped. Auntie Debra took Billy to see Gina at the vet hospital. Billy is at least 5yrs, front declawed & neutered. He has a very sore back & sore front paw, we think from struggling to get out of that little hole. His liver enzymes are elevated likely from lack of food and he recieved a pain shot & fluids. He is very thin & very traumatized. He is at our house now to rest, decompress, get some good food in his tummy, and heal both his body and his spirit. Im gonna do my very best to cheer him up and let him know hes safe and everything will be ok now Thankyou Linda Lucido, Bill, Auntie Diana Rascano, Auntie Debra, Auntie Gina DeLuca, and 4 Paws 1 Heart for saving Billy! It really took a village to save this baby Billy will be looking for a loving home after hes had time to decompress, gain some weight, and heal his beautiful broken heart Have a great Monday everyone, Love Chance.

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