Sommerset Update

Sommerset aka ( baby girl) Update.. A few scars will not stop this beautiful girl from a life of love and happiness.. For those of you that don’t remember her, we took her into 4 paws 1 heart back in August. She is now close to 10 weeks old. She came in weighing only 1 pound and found on the streets. She has gotten surgery from specialists at MSU and she has received lots of care from the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center doctors. The Doctors suspect Sommerset contracted a bacteria under her skin from a contaminated bag of SQ fluids. The skin sloughed off and she needed reconstructive surgery on the areas where there was a lot of tension. She is doing great now! Thank you all who have followed her story from the beginning, donated, or said a prayer. I’m happy she survived and she will make a wonderful family member to whomever adopts her. ~ Ginasommerset10:10:15sommerset:::10:10:15sommerset++++10:10:15

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