They Were Buried Alive – Only Tiny Tim Survived

10/9/15 – A bit of sad news this morning. You will remember the three kittens who we suspect were buried alive until the evil kids who did this had a change of heart. We just received an update from the kind woman who tried to save them. Unfortunately, even with our medical help, two of the kittens did not survive. One appeared to die from a seizure probably caused by trauma to the brain. But the good news is that one male kitten, Tiny Tim, is thriving. Tiny Tim will be seeing the vet again and we will receive his updated photo soon. In the meantime, may the two babies rest in peace. Thankfully, they did know love in their final days. ~ dianatiny tim and brothers tinytim10:9:15 buried alive tinytimandborothers-buried alive 10:9:15

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