Arthur – A Christmas Gift Gone Wrong

12/27/15 arthur 12:27:15Arthur update.. The doctors and staff at the Animal Urgent Care have been working hard on this Christmas Holiday to save this baby along with the countless other emergencies they have been faced with. Arthur was a Christmas Gift and he was sick.
An animal is a commitment and all members of the family should be on board. Animals are a life. They are not a toy. This little man is now fighting for his life and part of assuming responsibility for an animal means being prepared to afford care when they get sick. It can happen at 1 day into adoption, or 10 years into adoption, but they become a member of the family.
4 paws 1 heart was able to give this puppy a 2nd chance, and he still may die or have medical issues forever. How many like him die every year because they can’t get help? I wish people would stop breeding and rescue the ones that already need homes. Please don’t take an animal that you can’t afford to take care of. ~ Gina

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