Chihuahuas – Abandoned and Abused

12/27/15 – We received the following message and couldn’t turn our back. How could we?? Debbie, who is facing so much of her own challenges, continues to try and save animals. Please share and if anyone is interested in adopting these babies, please contact Debbie at [email protected] We were happy to pay the remaining medical bill and truly appreciate the discounts given by the veterinarian.

“Hi I was given your name by my best friend Lisa Struebing Decock. I need help with two little Chihuahuas that came into my possession under some strange consequences. I actually picked them up from Delta cargo on Friday evening. They came all the way from California from a high kill shelter. They were put on a plane without me confirming I would even take them. I had to go get them I wasn’t going to abandon them. They came with all their shots and microchipped and spayed. Their flight was even sponsored. Now basically they are my responsibility. I am only these little girls foster momma and already have four of my own dogs and two cats. With two of my fur babies being special needs animals. I am normally a foster for A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue but they are on an intake hold due to huge vet bills. This all wouldn’t be an issue except that one of the Chi’s has an extremely horrible mouth issue. It’s to the point that I’m not sure any of her teeth will be able to be saved. The other one is young and the only thing in her mouth is one canine baby tooth is going to have to be removed. I’m taking them in tonight to my vet for evaluations. I’ve been in tears about the one that’s mouth is in horrible condition. I’m sure there is infection going on and don’t want things to get worse ( Can’t imagine they could) But I don’t have funds of my own to get treatment. I also would like to talk to you about networking them under your rescue, of course after we get their teeth taken care of. Obviously I will foster them until their forever home can be found. They are both sweet little girls and deserve the best. I am beyond myself trying to figure out how I can help these little girls. I’m facing Breast Cancer surgery in the upcoming months and again have four of my own. I am on disability from a horseback riding accident so funds are more than tight. I appreciate your consideration in advance.”

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