Shih Tzu/Yorkie Puppies – Thriving

12/26/15 Happy Saturday! The little puppies are doing great! smile emoticon
I just want to apologize for not getting back to all of the email inquiries regarding these babies. I’m keeping track of all interested families, and I’ll respond after the holiday. They have weeks of care needed before placement would be considered..
Thank you – Ginashih tzu puppies 12:16:15shih tzu puppies w:gina 12:26:15

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2 comments on “Shih Tzu/Yorkie Puppies – Thriving

  1. Hi my name is Pam ush and I am looking for a female Yorkie. I seen when these little babies came in And have been waiting for them to get healthy I am interested in adopting a female If you’d like to contact me my number is 586-563-7544 Thank you