Joy – A Happy Update from Chance

1/1/16 – After the devastating news about her sister, Lily, little Joy will soon be going to her forever home for a lifetime of love and nose noogies. Good Luck sweet Joy!! ~ diana

Good morning & Happy New Year Team!!! We would like to thank everyone for all your sweet messages, comments and emails on the sudden loss of our Angel Lilly. Itmeans so much us, Pam, Auntie Debra, her parents Cindy & Don and everyone at 4 Paws 1 Heart. We love you all so much The good news today is Lil Joy will be going home with Cindy and Don tomorrow!!! She has a beautiful home and life ahead of her, and her parents and I both agree that after losing her precious sister it would be best for her to start bonding with her parents sooner then later. We will miss her, but are so happy for her and the wonderful life she has ahead of her Have a great day everybody!!! Love & purrrrs, Chancejoy1:1:16

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