One-Eyed Jack – Found Alone With One Eye Missing – Finds His Forever Family

unnamed1/12/16 – Last week we received the following message. Of course when it comes to helping an animal become a loving family member and making sure they don’t contribute to overpopulation, we are there!! This little one-eyed guy (Jack) will never have to fight for food and shelter again. Today, he will be seen by a veterinarian, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. ~ diana

“Hi 4 paws, love you all for what you do!! I have come upon a situation with a cat that was dumped off by a local woman’s home. She has to find a home for this guy, he appears healthy, but has only 1 eye and has never been to a vet. People have been dumping animals by her because she takes them in, she currently has more than she can handle and can’t keep him. I would love to foster him or even keep him, but don’t want to bring him into our home as we have 2 cats that I wouldn’t want to expose to the unknown, worms, fiv ,felv etc.. And he was dumped so most likely he has never had shots. Would 4 paws be able to help? I would hate for him to be put out as she is on overload herself. Thank you and I’m including his picture so you can see that it is love at first sight”

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