Shih Tzu Five – Brought to Gina at Only 1 Week Old – Update

2/6/16 -YOU DID IT!!! Thank you to all of our generous friends and, of course, our Secret Valentine. We reached our goal of raising $2,000 which will be matched. I can’t express how thankful we all are for such wonderful, supporting friends. Along with this good news, I just want to update all of you on the Shih Tzu Five. Again, Thank YOU.

I’ve been calling these cuties the Shih Tzu Five even though they are Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes. They all have names and there is only one who has not yet been spoken for. Please don’t be too disappointed with us if you applied for adoption and wasn’t accepted. Gina feels very strongly about having fenced-in yards, as well as making sure the family/home will be the perfect fit. She also does not believe in releasing them too early, even though they didn’t have a dog mom to train them, Gina, Amanda, and their animal crews have fulfilled the role of moms. Thank You, once again, for helping us make miracles happen. ~ diana

ShihTzu Five2:6:16ShihTzu5-12:25:16

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